Dean Wareham at Indietracks
(26th July 2014)


Today is the second anniversary of Dean Wareham's storming set in the shed at the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire, so in honour of that here's the full set as shared on Dimeadozen a few weeks after the show.

The set is Galaxie 500 heavy and the band were having a blast!

I'm off to Indietracks again on Friday - it's the best festival even when Dean isn't playing!

  1. Emancipated Hearts [mp3]
  2. When Will You Come Home [mp3]
  3. The Dancer Disappears [mp3]
  4. Holding Pattern [mp3]
  5. Snowstorm [mp3]
  6. Love is Not a Roof Against the Rain [mp3]
  7. Decomposing Trees [mp3]
  8. Strange [mp3]
  9. Blue Thunder [mp3]
  10. Babes in The Wood [mp3]
  11. Tugboat [mp3]
  12. Fourth of July [mp3]

Download the full show (flac) from Mediafire.

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